Brookdale's Commitment to Total Quality

Brookdale's Quality Statement

"Brookdale is and will always be, a world-class supplier to the global electronic component market. Brookdale will apply innovative, ethical principles in compliance with the requirements of said market. Brookdale is committed to identifying the needs of our customers, adapting to those needs and responding with superior service, compliance and quality."

"All of our employees are dedicated to these principles with total customer satisfaction and continual improvement as their constant goal."

Brookdale's Mission Statement

"Brookdale Frequency Controls is committed to supplying our customers with quality products and services. This will be accomplished by adhering to the principles of our quality management system. Total customer satisfaction and constant improvement are goals we strive to meet daily."

Brookdale's Commitment to Quality

Brookdale's quality assurance systems are geared towards customer service...From first contact through product development to delivery of product and after sales support. Brookdale has a fully documented and implemented Quality Management System compliant to the international ISO 9001 standard. Continuous improvement is the foundation of Brookdale's working philosophy . We are currently on track for ISO certification in early 2010...

Caesar Milazzo

Caesar Milazzo President Brookdale Frequency Controls